Friday, September 15, 2006

Do powerful men/women look more handsome/beautiful? i.e. does having power add to one's attractiveness?


Anonymous thinking girl said...

hmmm. interesting question. maybe, i would say, yes. but it depends on what you mean by "powerful." and what you mean by "attractive." I spend a lot of time critiquing the idea of the powerful, and mostly, I dislike the idea of someone having power over other people. so that is out as an attractive quality.

is power money? i think we can all pick an example of a rich person that is not so attractive, and perhaps a rich person who is more attractive physically than they would be if they had no money simply because they can buy their way to physical attractiveness. so, money is out, I think, as well.

but power in terms of, say, charisma... or confindence... that's a different matter. that is attractive, I think. but only if it is not too much, too brazen, too brash, too over-the-top.

4:37 PM  
Blogger The Visitor said...

@thinking girl - thanks for your response. You have answered for yourself, so that clarifies your position on this matter.

You define 'power' as charisma or confidence and your answer is yes to the question.

So, can one generalize and rephrase the statement as "Every person finds powerful men/women more attractive, by their own definitions of power". Would that be a valid statement?

The reason for me asking this question was to verify from others opnions, that beauty (attractiveness) is not all about physical qualities alone, but that other qualities (charisma/confidence) mattered as much. The post by FTN also points to confidence as being an attractive quality.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous thinking girl said...

Hi Visitor,

I'm glad you found my response helpful. I actually thought about the question for several days before I could come up with a decent answer. and even after I answered, I found myself still thinking about it today! so, great question!

I think I prefer to think about power in terms of local power, power within or personal power, rather than social power, because I think largely social power is rather arbitrary.

as far as beauty or physical attractiveness, I find that plays a factor for sure, but that is pretty subjective too! so yes, other characterisitics and qualities definitely do mean a lot to me in terms of attractiveness.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

generally, yes...

6:50 AM  

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